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Who we are

Invoka was founded by former Smartsheet employees who played key roles in Smartsheet’s expansion into the EMEA region in 2018.


Invoka’s founders have been responsible for the design and implementation of the most complex and transformational Smartsheet solutions, including major tenders for international sporting, global mining and energy organisations, among others. 


Invoka continues to work with Smartsheet's largest customers around the world, complementing the services available from Smartsheet. Invoka brings together all of the combined roles and services required to support organisations in the evaluation and successful implementation of the platform.

Customer first

We're interested in outcomes and how we can achieve the best for your business. By focusing on simplicity, Invoka creates impactful solutions that drive positive change for our customers.

Invoka’s approach encompasses our values around integrity and transparency, combined with a relentless focus on delivering excellent solutions. We enable change, helping businesses evolve as they adapt to new collaborative technologies and ways of working.

Working with us

We're a compact, dynamic and connected unit that will become familiar to your team as you onboard Smartsheet into your organisation. We work side-by-side with you to design the perfect Smartsheet solution and then train your teams on how to get the most value out of the Smartsheet platform.

Once you have the solution you need, Invoka can support your organisation to ensure the highest return on investment (ROI). Smartsheet is a growing platform which has so much functionality which organisations do not utilise fully so an educated user-base can increase collaboration and output from the tool significantly.

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