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What we do


We help companies in the evaluation, procurement and implementation of the Smartsheet platform, including its recent acquisition, Brandfolder.

During the exploratory phase, we provide technical, commercial and strategic advisory services to help companies understand how and where the software and its capabilities can be leveraged.

Invoka then manages the entire process of procurement, implementation & user onboarding, maintenance and ongoing support.


What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a growing SaaS platform that covers a wide variety of modern work management use cases. This highly usable and configurable platform can adapt to specific business processes and needs.

Some of the most commonly addressed use cases include:


  • Project & Portfolio Management

  • Team Collaboration

  • Organisational Planning

  • Resource Management

  • Forms and Data Collection

  • Task Automation

  • Marketing Campaign Management

  • Digital Asset & Content Management

  • Data Aggregation & Integration

It's a truly versatile platform that can be shaped around your business.


Invoka Consulting is a highly experienced
Aligned Partner. 

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