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Regional migration support

We understand that controlling your data is important. With the availability of Smartsheet's new EU and APAC-based data centres, it's the right opportunity to consider the best hosting location to align with your company's policies and requirements.

If you have data that currently resides in the US and you are looking to host this data in an EU data centre, Invoka is able to advise on the best way to migrate your data and functionality and complete this activity for you, if required.

Why Invoka?

Invoka Consulting has a deep and enduring relationship with Smartsheet. Invoka's founders, and much of the Invoka team, played key roles in Smartsheet's global expansion before joining forces at Invoka.

We have experience working with clients in virtually every industry, quickly understanding the business need and advising on the best approach to achieving it.

Our team of expert Smartsheet Consultants work with the platform all day, every day to create solutions that change the way that people collaborate and work efficiently together. 

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