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Strategic software advisory

Whether you're already using Smartsheet or about to begin, Invoka offers information and guidance to help you minimise cost and maximise the value you get from the platform.

Existing users

As businesses and teams increase their use of Smartsheet, opportunities emerge to further increase collaboration across the company and find synergies in pricing and licensing. By assessing your current use of Smartsheet, Invoka can propose ways to further increase automation, remove effort and reduce costs.

User experience can have a huge impact on how successfully users engage with a tool. Invoka can advise on how to give users the best possible experience, ensuring your return on investment is maximised. 

New users

Invoka works with your business and users to understand what current challenges and pain points exist. Whether you're managing teams of Project Managers, or in charge of financial reporting for a retail organisation, Invoka can help you decide whether Smartsheet is the right tool for your business and use case.

If it's the right fit, we'll guide you through the most efficient way to buy and implement the software, focusing on your experience from the first call to handing your tailored solution to your teams.

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Tailored implementations

We've worked with customers whose needs range from single sheet project plans to solutions that combine complex portfolio management processes and teams across multiple organisations.

Invoka works with you to understand how you collaborate today and how you can use Smartsheet to enhance your existing processes, leverage automation across your company, and improve how your employees and teams work together and share information.

Our collaborative design process enables you to have a solution that works exactly how you need it to. We'll also train you and your users to ensure that you can fully own your Smartsheet solution. 

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Regional migration support

We understand that controlling your data is important. With the availability of Smartsheet's new EU and APAC-based data centres, it's the right opportunity to consider the best hosting location to align with your company's policies and requirements.

If you have data that currently resides in the US and you are looking to host this data in an EU data centre, Invoka is able to advise on the best way to migrate your data and functionality and complete this activity for you, if required.

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Investment optimisation

Invoka advises businesses on how to optimise Return-on-Investment (ROI). By analysing your current software package and usage, we provide an investment "Health Check" to ensure you're using all the latest features that come as part of your plan.

Are your users getting the most out of Smartsheet's capabilities? Our customers are constantly amazed at the versatility of the platform and other ways they can use it to save time and effort in their day-to-day. Our Consultants love working with teams to think creatively and solve challenges. We love process design, we love helping you redefine what good looks like.

System administration support

Monthly support meaning that you can focus on the work.

Let us take care of the admin so that you can focus on the meaningful stuff. We can maintain your solution; ensure your users have the right levels of permissions and access to all of the resources they need to be successful with Smartsheet; run regular health checks and updates.

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Customer Success

When you purchase Smartsheet through Invoka Consulting, we offer Customer Success support to help ensure you get the most out of the platform and your Smartsheet solution. We work with your champions to help enable your users and drive collaboration within your business.

We also work with central IT functions to assist with organisation-wide governance and user management.

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Invoka provides a training experience grounded in reality. We like you to get stuck in and find that doing is a key part of learning. Learn Smartsheet as you create solutions for your team and business. Quickly learn ways to design processes and leverage automations, notifications, real-time data reporting across your portfolio.

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