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Collaboration, Simplified.

Invoka Consulting is the elite Smartsheet partner that works with organisations to procure, deliver and optimise Smartsheet.

What we do

Combining experience across Software Advisory, Professional Services and Customer Success, Invoka offers customers high-quality,
Smartsheet-aligned advice, services and support.


Smartsheet Services

01 Strategic software advisory

02 Tailored implementations

03 Regional migration support/advisory

04 Investment optimisation

05 System Administration support

06 Customer Success (user adoption)

07 Training

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Who we are

Invoka Consulting combines years of Smartsheet experience with the ability to move quickly and deliver solutions that drive valuable business outcomes.

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Focusing on your experience as a customer, we manage the end-to-end life-cycle of procurement and implementation of Smartsheet. We drive valuable uptake of your solution through training and education, combined with a collaborative solution design and build process that helps improve your users’ skills and knowledge of Smartsheet’s key features and functionality.

Starting with your desired business outcome, we can advise on the best approach to suit your organisation as well as deliver best-in-class solutions that transform your processes and ways of working.

Ben Flatman

Ben has worked with many organisations across industries to optimise their business processes. His passion lies in designing and implementing solutions that provide tangible value across core business outcomes.


Daisy Smith

Daisy is passionate about creating great customer experiences. With a background in Business Development and Customer Success, Daisy is focused on driving adoption and usage of technology to achieve business goals.


Fergus Magennis

With a background in Technology & Management Consulting, Fergus is focused on helping customers improve how they manage their businesses through the implementation of new tools and processes.

We put our customers first

By focusing on simplicity, Invoka creates impactful solutions that drive positive change for our customers.

Invoka’s approach encompasses our values around integrity and honesty, combined with a relentless focus on getting the job done… and done well. We thrive on change, helping businesses evolve as they adapt to new collaborative technologies and ways of working.

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Invoka’s Solution Design Principles

Simplicity - Empower the end user

Build for the long run - Robustness & scalability over time

Bottom-line in mind - Create solutions that have real impact

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